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   Debt to GDP% - 105.2% from 106.1%
   Nat'l Debt - $20.3T from $19.8T

   US Budget Deficit - $688B from $587B
   US Annual Federal Revenue - $3.3T from $2.9T

   US Annual Federal Spending - $4.0T from $3.2T

   Dow - 22,871.72 from 18,332.74
   Nasdaq- - 6,605.80 from 5,193.49

   S&P - 2,553.17 from 2,238.83

   Unemployment Rate: 4.1% from 4.8%
   % Living w/o Insurance: 9.0% from 8.9%
   % Living in Poverty: 12.9% from 13.5%

Trump's Key Economic Indicators Real-Time
(from January 20, 2017 Inauguration - present)

The "quality of life" will always outweigh the "quantity in life"!

A Snapshot of 2017 Domestic & Foreign Policy

October 15, 2017 by Lewis Eldridge
Every day, within social media, on the internet, & in the news, I can see how the disdain of Trump causes negative bias, prevents objectivity, and keeps America from seeing his primary objectives. As he successfully did in his campaign for the presidency, Trump is methodically and successfully preparing himself for re-election in 2020.

First, one must embrace the fact that 49.9% of the American people, 160M persons voted for Trump. That’s a huge base. If Trump keeps all of his current loyal supporters and works to secure an additional 1% or 3.2M more voters, he will add a 51% popular vote to his existing electoral-college majority.

Second, a look at Trump’s “Domestic Travel” since inauguration assists us in understanding how Trump is already working the electorate as though he is within a campaign year. The three key states that cinched Trump’s election were Pennsylvania (already 3 visits), Wisconsin (twice), and Michigan (once). Look at Trump’s year-to-date Domestic Map in conjunction with each state’s electoral vote:

The high number of visits to Virginia and New Jersey is largely due to golfing at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey and Sterling, Virginia, meaning that Trump is golfing a lot. However, nine visits to Florida is campaign insurance along with health care politics. New York, Maryland, and Nevada are being set up as partisan steals for the 2020 election with a couple of those NY visits being UN visits. The remainder of these multiple visits can be ascribed to Trump maintaining his base.

Third, Trump is simultaneously eliminating any and all evidence of the Obama legacy, termed by me as the “Trump Dump”, while consolidating as much money as possible. ObamaCare is said to have cost the US government $2T and counting since implementation and $650B per year. Trump wants this money. This could equal $2.5T in his first term and $5T is he secures a second. If Trump is successful with his immigration policies, he will limit the available documented workers and be able to stimulate the economy through the jobs of fewer American workers. If Trump is successful in restricting US trade agreements, he will be able to increase exports over imports and impose tax hikes and penalties on those who continue to export American jobs. As usual, it’s all about money. The Democratic stigma of “tax and spend” is demolished by the Republican slogan of “less government”. Conservative Americans, Trump’s base, have health care, citizenship, jobs, and money. Therefore, it is easy for Trump to sell the dismantling of ObamaCare and the reversal immigration policies. The great divide between conservative and liberals, Democrats and Republicans rest in domestic activism versus defense spending. Democrats prefer seeing their government spend money on things like universal health care whereas Republicans choose global dominance. In other words, Democrats prefer money spent on the poverty and middle class while Republicans opt to have the money spent on rich and middle class.

Finally, Trump’s first year of Foreign Policy is evident of this economic domestic polarization between the rich and poor as Trump only visits wealth and influence. There are no visits to the entire continents of Africa and South America. The only visit to poverty came via natural disaster to Puerto Rico.

  • January 27, 2017 * Trump meets with United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May.
  • February 10, 2017 * Trump meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  • February 15, 2017 * Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • March 17, 2017 * Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • May 15, 2017 * Trump meets Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.
  • May 16, 2017 * Trump meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • May 20, 2017 * Trump meets Saudi King Salman.
  • May 22, 2017 * Trump visits Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (2).
  • May 22, 2017 * Trump visits Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
  • May 23, 2017 * Trump visits Pope Francis at Vatican City .
  • May 26, 2017 * Trump visits Italy & meets with UK Prime Minister Theresa May (2), Canadian President Justin Trudeau, Belgium King Philippe and Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel.
  • June 20, 2017 * Trump meets with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
  • June 26, 2017 * Trump meets with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • June 29, 2017 * Trump meets with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.
  • July 6, 2017 * Trump speaks at G-20 summit, Hamburg, Germany & Chancellor Angela Merkel (2).            
  • July 7, 2017 * Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit.
  • July 13, 2017 * Trump meets with French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron.
  • July 6, 2017 * Trump meets w/ Polish President Andrig Duda & Crotian President K. Grabar-Kitorvoic.
  • September 18, 2017 * Trump speaks at the United Nations in New York.
  • October 3, 2017 * Trump visits Puerto Rico .
  • October 12, 2017 * Trump meets with Canadian President Justin Trudeau (2).

Although Trump made a personal visit to Mexico City during the campaign season to meet Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, he has not done so as POTUS. It is therefore justly evident that Trump’s foreign policy is consistent to his domestic policies, to the rich and not the poor indicative inequality's essence.

Many call Trump a psychopathic idiot, but he fooled us all on Nov 4, 2016 and continues to do it daily by allowing the eclipse of many's disdain of him along with anti-Obama rhetoric and beliefs. In brief, some hate Trump so much they don’t even want to hear him speak let alone understand his politics. In this, Trump is building his base for re-election and a lame duck presidency.

Black Exclusivity Rate (BER)
Lewis Eldridge * October 4, 2017
What is the BER and what can it tell us? For a people group who no more than six decades ago were in segregation without one millionaire, strange it is that we are now researching the rates whereby they are becoming wealthy billionaires. The Black Exclusivity Rate (BER) can tell us how fast Blacks are becoming millionaires and billionaires. This socio-economic instrument provides us with the speed whereby these “aires” are economically removing themselves from the rest of the ethnicity, specifically the middle and poverty class. In essence, what is the maximum amount of persons that is equivalent to the wealth of the fewest number of persons? Therefore, the BER is able to determine the ever widening gap of the rich and poor class. Most importantly, the BER is able to tell us the pace that the Black middle class is shrinking into mythology.

As the Dow uses 30 bedrock companies and the S&P, the top 500, to measure the overall economic health of the respective stock markets, the BER takes the wealthiest 3900 Blacks as a barometer for measuring the overall wealth rates of all Black Americans. The US Census Bureau provides the population statistics, Pew Research, Huffington Post, and other think tanks give us our poverty figures, wealth trackers such as Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth.com, and The Richest.com provide us with individual net worth, and the BER produces the wealth rate imbalances. By taking the net worth of the richest Blacks in certain key increments and using population as a divisor, we are able to track wealth inequities by both quantity and percentage.

The BER is highest at 10 being 16%, second highest at 49 being 14%, & third highest at 200 & 500 being 8% reducing to 1% at 800 and .5% at 1700. This means that the top 10 wealthiest Blacks require more individuals to match their collective wealth than any other quantitative number, lending itself to true exclusivity. After which, it takes the combined wealth of more individuals to equal the net worth of the richest 49 Blacks and so on and so forth. This shows us how fast the wealthiest Blacks are economically segregating themselves from the rest of the ethnicity. Most importantly, since Pew Research and Huffington Post has supplied us with a constant of 35% for the Black poverty class and the BER has given us a variable of the Black wealthy class, as the BER increases, simultaneously, the Black Middle Class is ever decreasing sending the latter into extinction. Because the BER is currently at 60% and Black poverty is at 35%, the Middle Class, by default, is currently at 5%. Yes, only 5% of Blacks are Middle Class. While quantitatively the number appears large at 1.9 million persons, the BER helps us to see through percentage that Blacks are not becoming more socio-economically healthy but that the increase in the Black wealthy class gives a pseudo-perception of betterment when all along the only thing that is happening is ‘the rich are getting richer’.

This is an ideal time for the BER as Black wealth has reached a point of critical mass whereby any and all wealth acquired by Blacks from this point on must either come from wealth within the race or without. If within, it will either come from the poverty or middle class. As Einstein’s ‘Law of Thermo-dynamics’ states, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another,” economics appear to follow this same principle. While Michael Jordan’s signature sneakers termed “Jordan’s” creates wealth for the billionaire, the $400 per pair paid from poverty class does not reciprocate itself at the same rate. The logic is simple. Unless that wealth reverses itself through philanthropy back to the middle and poverty class, Jordan’s wealth will continue to increase much faster than the economically disadvantaged. As the poverty class makes the wealthy class richer through shoe purchases, concert attendance, and sport’s ticket sales, the BER will continue to measure this economic imbalance.

The Black Upper Class

61% of Black Wealth

The top 1% currently owns 61% of the total Black cultural wealth.
The Black Middle Class

4% of Black Wealth

4%, 1.6M of a total 39M Blacks, currently make up the Black Middle Class.
The Black Poverty Class

35% of Black Wealth

The bottom 35% currently owns zero (0) to negative (-) net worth of the total Black cultural wealth.


Tracking Trump's One Black Campaign Promise
Updated: October 8, 2017
Published: September 24, 2017
History has always evaluated US Presidents based on their ability to fulfill the campaign promises that got them elected. President Barack Obama shocked the world when he brought to fruition his top three campaign promises; first, capture America's Most Wanted, Osama Bin Laden; second, end a two-front war in Afghanistan and Iraq; third, restore consumer confidence by stabilizing the US economy from the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, thus so termed, the "Great Recession". It was history's greatest housing crisis to what has always been deemed as the world's safest investment, i.e., land. Obama produced on these as well as many other campaign promises for his first and second lame-duck presidential terms.

If Trump completes his first term without impeachment, wins his party's nomination, and runs for re-election, he guarantees 95% of the Black vote. The question, at each stage of his current term, is how is he progressing towards this goal.Trump certainly has a perception of Blacks in America based on a verbatim statement by the then candidate, ""You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed -- what the hell do you have to lose?" Paraphrased, Blacks are poor, uneducated, unemployed, millenials are in trouble, and Blacks in general have nothing to lose.

Trump has only hired one Black to his cabinet, Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In March 2017, Trump invited Presidents of historical Black colleges as possibly a step towards his claims of Black ignorance. In the same month, Trump toured the National Museum of African American History. In April 2017, Trump met with the Congressional Black Caucas.
Trump guarantees 95% of the Black vote after first term.
Trump meets with Black Colleges, 3/3/17. . 
Trump meets with Congressional Black Caucas, 3/22/17. 

The President stated, "Today and every day of my presidency I pledge to do everything I can to continue that promise of freedom for African-Americans and for every American…We’re going to bring this country together.”
February 27, 2017

However, on Friday, September 22, 2017, Trump took two major steps backwards in fulfilling his pledge towards Black unity when he attacked both the NFL and NBA players. In a lame effort to promote patriotism by protecting the American flag, Trump said concerning NFL players who exercise their First Amendment right to protest by taking a knee during the national athem, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired!”

The next day, Saturday, September 23, 2017, Trump tweeted concerning the 2017 NBA Champions, Golden State Warriors, "Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!"

From these statements, it appears that Trump is in complete denial about his perception and relationship with Blacks and American race relations. Relating to his own campaign promises, Trump has plenty on his plate, North Korea, healthcare, the American economy, the US debt and deficit, as well as solutions of unity opposed to creating division and drama. Continue to monitor this Campaign Promise here at Justine1964Publishing.com.

Jemele Hill, A Double Standard For Blacks & America?
September 15, 2017
On December 16, 2016, a White Virginia woman, Pamela Taylor, was fired from her place of employment for posting onto Facebook a racist comment referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as an "Ape in Heels". Blacks, America, and the media instantly called for her resignation. The response of the masses was in no wise extreme as not only was the comment racist, but it was about FLOTUS. Within a month's time, Ms. Taylor was re-hired as she broke no laws, merely exercised her First Amendment right to "freedom of speech".

On September 11, 2017, Jemele Hill, a Black ESPN journalist was placed under national scrutiny for posting onto Twitter a racist comment referring to President Donald Trump as a "White Supremacist". ESPN took caution, America responded with mixed emotions, and the Black community immediately took to Jemele's defense. In spite of how each American citizen feels about President Trump, Jemele broke no laws, merely exercised her First Amendment right to "freedom of speech". For those who either say there is no comparison between these two experiences or what specifically are the issues, here we go:

  • (1) Two women posted to social media a message of a racist nature concerning a resident of the White House.
  • (2) The public responded with their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
  • (3) Their employers responded to the public outcry.
  • (4) Can an employer impose onto an employee punitive actions based out of a citizen's right to "freedom of speech" (barring preexisting ethical agreements or confidentiality contracts)?
  • (5) Which is the greater, "Corporate Image" versus "Freedom of Speech"?

Regardless of which side of the First Amendment argument we land, pro, con, or indifferent, for or against Jemele Hill, there must be consistency in our positions.

Personally, I believe Jemele Hill has the First Amendment right to
"freedom of speech" regardless of employer. Likewise, I must take the
same constitutional posture with Pamela Taylor in spite of my personal
beliefs that her comments were repulsive as I believe Michelle Obama is
one of the most classy, elegant, and attractive women to have ever
graced the White House in America's entire history as well as the most
exceptionally extraordinary women in African-American History.

Dr. Cornel West and His Obsession with President Obama!

Lewis Eldridge
September 10, 2017
The facts reveal that Dr. Cornel West has a bitter obsessive contempt for former President Obama passive agressively adding Michelle Obama with side bar comments. West has called Obama everything from being "America's First Niggerized President" to a "Black Puppet", the "Black Puppet of Wall Street", a Republican in a Black Face", to unfortunately the "Black Face the US Empire." These are facts based on the following verbatim quotes and attached videos:

“She (Michelle Obama) is a Harvard Law graduate, a Princeton graduate, and she deals with child obesity and military families. Why doesn’t she visit a prison? Why not spend some time in the hood? That is where she is, but she can’t do it.” May 16, 2011

“He (President Obama) lacks backbone.” 2011

“I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men.… It’s understandable. As a young brother who grows up in a white context, brilliant African father, he’s always had to fear being a white man with black skin.” May 17, 2011

"(President Obama is a) black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.” May 18, 2011

“I’m glad there was not a right-wing takeover, but we end up with a Republican, a Rockefeller Republican in blackface, with Barack Obama…. Everything is up for sale. And he and Brother Sharpton and Sister Melissa and others, they have sold their souls for a mess of Obama pottage. And we invite them back to the black prophetic tradition after Obama leaves.” 2012

“There’s going to be many people who say, 'We see this president is not serious about the criminalizing of poor people…. I think we have to acknowledge that President Obama has very little moral authority…. You’ve got these black leaders on the Obama plantation, won’t say a criminal word about the master in the big house, will only try to tame the field folk so that they’re not critical of the master in the big house.” July 22, 2013

“President Obama is a political fraud… He posed as if he was a kind of Lincoln and we ended up with a brown-faced Clinton…. He posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit.” August 6, 2014

“Barack Obama is a war criminal, not because he’s black or half African and white but because his drones have killed 233 innocent children and because he facilitates the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.” August 11, 2014

"President Obama Doesn't Belong on Any Shirt with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X….Barack Obama commits war crimes — Somalia, Yemen…. he is as establishmentarian, he is as much pro-status quo, as a Bill Clinton or a Hillary Clinton or any other neoliberal opportunist.” October 6, 2014

“(President Obama is the) Black face of the American empire." October 7, 2014

"I would say the first black president has become the first niggerized black president." June 22, 2015

In no wise diminishing his First Amendment right towards freedom of speech nor questioning his influential cultural contribution to Black History, Dr. West has incited five serious concerns. First, West is accusing the current President of the very same issues he accused the former President especially when much of his concerns appears partisan. Second, he has become very argumentative with others over President Obama specifically, Steve Harvey, Bill Maher, and Sean Hannity. Third, his agression upon Michelle Obama was met by her refusal to dignify his statement with a response as well as the now classicly famous quote given by her in a speech shortly before exiting Washington, "When they go low, we go high".

Fourth, it appears that Dr. West is attacking one of Obama's greatest presidential legacy contributions in American history, i.e., being the first President to exit the Oval Office SCANDAL-FREE in the last fifty years. Kennedy had the "Bay of Pigs". LBJ had Vietnam; Nixon: Watergate; Ford: Nixon's pardon; Carter: Iran hostages; Reagan & Bush I: Iran-Contra; Clinton: Monica; Bush II: WMD's; and Trump, already, before one year, is being investigated for Russian involvement in the 2016 American Presidential Election. Finally, all of this is said by the journalistic community to stem from the lack of the former President to include West in his administration, Obama's apologetic response in being slow to answer West's calls, and the fact that West did not receive a personalized invite to Obama's first inauguration. If this is the core of Dr. West's bitter contempt, it certainly appears immaturely obsessive.

How Black Academia Contributed To The Trump Presidency?
Hillary Clinton’s intentional embrace of Barack Obama produced the Trump Presidency just as John Kerry’s intentional detachment from Bill Clinton produced the George W. Bush Presidency. The irony of these two comparisons lies not in the popularity of either incumbent but in their haters. Both presidential incumbents were extremely popular. However, while Bill Clinton was avoided because of indiscretions, Barack Obama was embraced because of a scandal-free legacy. The fear of Kerry was that he would link himself to these indiscretions. The oversight or rather under-sight of Hillary was in her underestimation of Obama’s Black academic and very influential non/under-support.
Three highly influential Black professors, Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, all chose to either not support Hillary and/or go Green and support the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill stated, "I would rather have Trump be president for four years and build a real left-wing movement that can get us what we deserve as a people, than to let Hillary be president and we stay locked in the same space where we don't get what we want. I wouldn't vote for her. I'm voting for the Green Party….They're not going to win this election. But if the differences between the two candidates aren't vast enough, then I would rather introduce a third candidate to build a movement… I'm not scared of Trump. I'm scared of us as a country moving in the wrong direction.”

Connor Kilpatrick, in his article on, Everybody Hates Cornel West, states, “As soon as Sanders laid down his arms and endorsed Clinton, West was already on the trail for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, telling Bill Maher that “the Clinton train — Wall Street, security, surveillance, militarism — that’s not going in the same direction I’m going . . . she’s a neoliberal.”

In an interview by Amy Goodman with Cornell West, the following was stated:

AMY GOODMAN: “Finally, when you look at what Donald Trump is calling for—the wall on the border with Mexico, banning Muslims from coming in—barring Muslims from coming into the country, hesitating to disavow the support of the white supremacist David Duke and other issues—for those who say it’s only Hillary Clinton who could defeat that, what is your response?”

CORNEL WEST: “My response is, and when you actually look at the mass incarceration policies, when you actually look at the reinforcement of the new Jim Crow and the segregation of our educational systems and so forth, that occurred under Democrats. It would persist under Hillary Clinton. What Donald Trump talks about in the abstract has actually been concretely enacted under neoliberal regimes of the Democratic Party.”

Two critical states held by Obama in the 2012 election made all the difference in the world, Pennsylvania and Michigan, host to two of the most significant Black metropolis’ in America, Philadelphia and Detroit. Hillary lost Michigan’s 16 electoral votes because of 11,612 votes. Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, got 50,700 votes in Michigan which would have easily won this state. Hillary lost Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes because of 68,236 votes. Green Party candidate, Stein got 48,912 votes in Pennsylvania needing only an additional 20,000 influenced voters to secure its 20 electoral votes. Finally, Hillary lost Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes because of 27,257 votes whereby 30,980 of those votes went to Stein. The results of these states would have yielded a 278 to 260 electoral victory for Hillary opposed to Trump.

If any has doubts as to the influence of these Black academics, the noting of their Twitter followers will erase them quickly. Cornell West has 816K. Michael Eric Dyson has 341K. Marc Lamont Hill has 334K. If these same followers campaigned on behalf of Hillary, Donald Trump would not be POTUS right now.

These three highly influential Black academics spent the last eight years bashing Hillary’s biggest political ally and supporter, President Barack Obama. Dr. Hill’s public opposition was limited almost non-existent. Dr. Dyson’s was moderate evident in an all-Black paneled interview by Tavis Smiley on March 30, 2010 stating, “Obama isn't Moses, he is Pharaoh.” However, Dr. West appeared to have declared war on the former President over the past six years calling Obama everything from being "America's First Niggerized President" to a "Black Puppet", the "Black Puppet of Wall Street", a Republican in a Black Face", to unfortunately, the "Black Face the US Empire."

Their problem does not lie in their First Amendment constitutional right towards ‘freedom of speech’ nor in their personal right to vote as they choose but in their current constant assault of “The Trump Presidency”. The exact same criticisms held by them during the Obama era and the arguments poised by them against the Hillary campaign has produced the most extreme oxymoronic irony. What they disliked in Obama, they certainly got in Trump! - September 3, 2017

Both Surpass Historic Highs
US National Debt >$20T
US Federal Spending >$4T

The Simplicity
of the
Trump White House

September 16, 2017
The National Debt has surpassed the $20T marker simultaneous to US Federal Spending surpassing the $4T mark. Both are American historical records as well as US economic highs.

Because Trump's current military spending is $633B, his defense budget has labored the US Deficit at $688+ and the US Debt at $20T+. Just a few weeks ago, it appeared that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would grow more than 3% in Trump's first presidential year and decrease the Debt-to-GDP ratio to 102%. However, even this all-important key economic indicator, dipped below former President Obama's slowest GDP year of 1.9%. As optimist, Trump supporters, and even anti-Trump hopefuls want to place their faith in the Businessman POTUS, these facts and figures make this increasingly more difficult.

By Lewis Eldridge
August 20, 2017
Eclipsed by drama, the real reason as to why America put a successful businessman with no political experience into the White House has been suppressed. The National Debt has reached a point of grave urgency requiring desperate measures for desperate times. If unchecked, the United States of America is at risk towards bankruptcy with the IMF, World Bank, and WTO running the economic affairs of the country, while at best, another serious credit downgrade causing its borrowing rates to rise further escalating an already out-of-control national expenditure, interest on the debt.

Two countries have brought a heightened measure of attention to this reality, Greece and Germany. Greece, being the oldest democracy, brought about the possibility that any westernized country embracing democracy as its politics and capitalism as its economics, can experienced the harsh realities of national bankruptcy. On the other hand, Germany, who like unto all of the other westernized governments, especially in Europe, was above 80% of its "Debt-to-GDP" ratio until they began the current downward trend of reversng its economically unhealthy ascent of exceeding its country's value and GDP credit card above the 100% marker. Germany's current "Debt-to-GDP" is now 68% showing that they have terminated the abusive mismangement of continuing to live beyond their means.

Germany's Debt-to-GDP Ratio (2010-16).

Trump's "Art of War"!

August 13, 2017
Don't be caught looking one way distracted by the Trump antics and forget your Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception.” While the country is diverted to matters of racism, supremacy, and protest, Trump continues to successfully pursue his primary objective, ‘Restore the American economy to stability’ and increase America’s borrowing power by decreasing its GDP-to-Debt Ratio. There are five ways to decrease the US Debt-to-GDP Ratio:

1) Increase revenue (US Federal Tax Revenue)
2) Reduce expenses (US Federal Spending)
3) Reduce the Debt (US National Debt)
4) Reduce the Deficit (US Federal Budget Deficit)
5) Increase GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Trump has reduced the US Debt-to-GDP Ratio from 105.91% to 103.07% from $18.57T to $19.38T since his inauguration totaling nearly 3% or $800B. Few Presidents have been unable to resist increasing taxes. In spite of recent speeches by VP Pence relating to their intent to establish historical setting tax reductions, most economist doubt that the Trump era will end without breaking the presidential trend of tax increases. Trump has already begun the process of making severe cuts in his 2018 Budget. Although US federal spending has increased along with both the Deficit and ultimately the Debt, as a shrewd businessman, The Don has been able to successfully increase the GDP and thus decrease the US Debt-to-GDP Ratio. An increase to GDP is equivalent to the production of more national goods and services. Trump was not placed into the White House because of political experience nor his magnetic charisma but to reverse the trends of a severely troubled US economy brought on by bail outs and borrowing.

If Trump meets his projected GDP growth of 4% annually according to Bloomberg's quote of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the US Debt-to-GDP Ratio will be 89% in four years beginning the 2020 election year at a 93% Debt-to-GDP Ratio giving America a 7% borrowing potential. If Trump succeeds in this prime objective especially based on his current progress at 3% in the first 8 months, he will secure a second presidential term campaigning on the election strategy of economic restoration dominating the debates with ideations of moving America to the possibility of a 73% Debt-to-GDP Ratio.

Greatness to America has always been defined in dollars and ‘sense’. Consequently, ‘Making America Great Again’ is synonymous to ‘Making America Wealthy Again’. Simplistically, keep the people talking about domestic and foreign affairs, racism and supremacy, perception and deception, while Trump remains focused on his prime objective, returning America to borrowing power.

USA's Debt-to-GDP Ratio (2010-16).

If America will continue its reputation as the greatest nation on earth and the world leader in every aspect of life, specifically economics, something had/has to be done about the $20T climbing debt and fast. What better way to solve money problems than to turn to a successful billionaire? What better way to ensure that the helm of America's biggest business, i.e., government, will be fiscally sound than to hire a successful CEO as POTUS? Especially a man who cares little about what people think of him as he makes the hard decisions of saying 'NO' to certain sacred cows when cutting budget items.

Simultaneously, while spending has to be cut from percieved unneccessary funding, revenue has to be generated lending to a vibrant economy. The combination of both will reduce the debt and deficit relieving America from its November 8, 2016 105% "Debt-to-GDP" burden, the day when Trump was elected to office.

If anyone becomes defensive seeking to either protect or rationalize the extremely high debt and Obama Administration, they are then only feeding into the irrelevant frenzy that deflects and distracts from embracing "The Simplicity of the Trump Presidency" and its primary goal, ""Reduce and Reverese the Debt Trends" through expenditure cuts and economic stimulus." Anyone with half a brain knows that President Obama did an amazing, exceptional, and impressive job in keeping the American economy moving and growing after inheriting two wars, the worst housing crisis in world history, and the Great Recession. Each president is an heir with Trump inheriting an 106% "Debt-to-GDP" reality. It is what it is and he must reverse these trends and make the best of it for the sake of the American people.

The attempted repeal of ObamaCare by Trump, although inhumane as it strips the American citizentry from the right of healthcare, is an attempt by the President to secure the $400B a year spent on the only successful implementation of national healthcare in America's history in exchange for debt reduction. The immigration policies of the current administration is an attempt to reduce the American population thereby creating jobs, economic stimulus, and revenue. Unfortunately, it comes at the price of attacking the patriotism of certain ethnicities and the displacement of precious families. Aid cut to Israel or America's contribution to the G7, NATO, and the United Nations urging other members to enhance their payments to an equitable amount spells out to one goal, 'I need money from wherever I can get it to pay America's bills. 'Understand or not, I don't care' is the Trump implication.

Therefore, the age old addage, 'Will Money or Values Win" in the attempt at economic stability? This is what was meant by Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again"; "America First", meaning, if it does not have anything to do with debt reduction, economic stimulus (making more money, Americ'a love), and economic stability, it then is an antithesis to the Trump agenda.  Ever so simple, like any business, America must become profitable again. The argument of the critics in a democratic, bi-partisan, loyal oppsositional system, is however valid, 'At What Cost"? 



Why is the National Debt So Important?

What day is "Deficit Day" this year, 2017?

August 6, 2017
Why is the National Debt so important? Because the $264B+ spent annually on the interest alone, the $2.5T of US Total Interest Paid, as well as the $19.9T of cumulative US National Debt can be used for hunger, homelessness, healthcare, education, etc.

The inability of our government to effectively pay our national bills with the $3.3T of US Total Tax Revenue is synonymous to poor management. Why isn't $3.3T enough to run the country when its significantly more than 98% of the planet's governments? The deficit is currently at $679B when President Clinton clearly had us in a surplus for three of his eight years in office showing that its possible for the government to live within its means as it demands from its citizens. The problem is not government but the priorities of how our tax money is spent, specifically the need towards global supremacy evident by a $630B+ Defense/War expenditure.

Do not rely on editorial but track these figures yourself while simultaneously asking the question, "Where would I like my tax dollars spent and in what order? Based on the following figures, congressional mismanagement in wasted interest payments is more than all but five country's total GDP value (United States: $18.6T, China: $11.2T, Japan: $4.9T, Germany: $3.6T, and the United Kingdom: $2.6T) and more than the budgets of all but three governmental departments (Health & Human Development: $1.1T (due largely to entitlements and the gross mismanagement of Social Security, not healthcare), Treasury: $544B, and Defense: $516B). Where are US priorities, excess or humanity? Examine the figures yourself and draw your own conclusions.
September 4, 2017
Deficit Day, the day the United States government spends the last dollar of its annual income and starts spending on credit. Were the government to collect all the money it is owed for the year on Jan. 1, that money would last until Dec. 31 only if the budget were balanced. But because the government runs a deficit, the money runs out before the year ends. The day the money runs out is Deficit Day. Every dollar the government spends from that day until the end of the year gets added to the United States' federal debt.

Deficit Day arrived last year on November 4, 2016. From Nov. 4 until Dec. 31, the federal government added $11 billion to the debt every day. That amount is more than what all but 10 of the world's 190-plus national governments will spend all year. The earliest Deficit Day has occurred in recent times was on Aug. 7 in 2009. That year, the government had to borrow $1.4 trillion to keep the lights on through Dec. 31.

Of course, it's not really the debt that matters, it's the interest payments. The government can keep rolling over the debt. But every dollar the government has to pay in interest is a dollar that it can't spend on health care, social services, and poverty programs. That translates into about $440 billion a year in interest expenses.

Every day earlier that Deficit Day falls on the calendar adds $11 billion to the debt, an additional $300 million a year in interest. In other words, every day earlier that Deficit Day falls costs us, our children, their children and their children's children $300 million per year. Every year. Forever, or until the debt is repaid.

This article is a direct cut-and-paste from the October 27, 2016, US News publication by Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan while the photo was furnished by Scott Stantis/Tribune Content Agency. Both are so powerful, they could not have been better paraphrased.

See the full article at https://www.usnews.com/opinion/economic-intelligence/articles/2016-10-27/nov-4-is-annual-deficit-day-when-the-us-runs-out-of-money-its-collected.

Trump's 2018 Budget
Trump's first budget adds $24B to the deficit.
July 30, 2017
Trump's first budget proposal cuts $35.8B with 46.5% of these reductions being from Education, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor. On the other hand, it adds $59.8B to Defense and Homeland Security. This sums up to a net increase to the deficit of $24B leading to two unfortunate realities. First, it confirms the belief that America's global image and need for supremacy is more important than education, housing, and jobs evident in the cuts to these departments while increasing military spending. Second, there is the continuous waste of monies in more interest payments derived from both increases in deficit and debt which could used to meet other human needs. Yet again, this reveals another expression of skewd priorities, posturing over humanity.

No one expresses this better than Gregory Krieg and Will Mullery in their CNN Politics, May 23,2017 article, "Trump's Budget by the Numbers, What Gets Cut and Why?" which itemizes the increases and cuts within each department of the federal government contained within the 2018 Trump Budget. See article at  http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/23/politics/trump-budget-cuts-programs/index.html.

US Total Interest Paid = $2.5T
(More than these 10 countries)
* Figures: GDP

US Annual Interest Paid = $264B
(More than these 10 departments)
* Figures: Annual Budget


Veteran Affairs









South Korea

Homeland Security


Housing & Urban Development